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General questions : (Please, also check our videos on YouTube Video Channel - click the icon above)

Windows Mobile
Java phones

What is radioBee?
Briefly : radioBee is a mobile app for cell phones, acting as an online radio player. Depending of your device, it also has a sleep timer and wake-up alarm. You can search and listen to more than 85000 online radio stations with radioBee.

Can I listen to any radio?
radioBee can play Internet radios, who use Shoutcast or Icecast streaming. You can search from the app for radios, or you can add a radio station, if you know its streaming url.

Huh?! What's the streaming url? Do I need it?
Relax. Usually, you don't need it. Start radioBee, search for your radio (using name, genre, artist, city, etc), see the options, add the desired stations as favorites, play and enjoy them. However, some radio stations are not listed in Shoutcast (Why? Good question - ask them directly!:)), and if you search for such radio, you will not see it in the results. (Oops!). However, the good news is that they use compatible broadcasting, you still can add them manually. If you need to listen to such a radio, contact the radio station , ask them for their Shoutcast streaming url (which is NOT their web address), then use radioBee - menu - add station, and enter the provided streaming url there. If everything is fine, you will tune to this radio. If it is not compatible... please, don't blame us... but call your radio station and ask them why :-)

What is SHOUTcast ?
SHOUTcast TM Radio is one of the largest directories of professionally and community programmed online radio stations in the world. Today SHOUTcast TM Radio features over 85,000 stations from around the globe. If you're into popular or indie music, or want to check out local or world programming, you're sure to find something you like on SHOUTcastTM Radio.
You can check their TOS here
radioBee is an official SHOUTcast partner.

I need to listen to my local radio - do you provide it?
Get the free demo version of radioBee and search for it. If you can't find you radio from search, contact your radio station directly and ask them are they Shoutcast or radioBee parners (partnership is free). If they are, you will be able to tune with radioBee - ask for the streaming url and enter it in radioBee. If they are not yet, ask them what they are waiting for.

How much radioBee will cost? Is there a monthly payment?
There are NO monthly payments. Most of the versions are free (Demo, Promo, Lite), but we have also few paid versions - depending of the platform. The cost is one time charge per device, and it depends of the platoform, and the store. If you have a free version, but you need the full functionality, go to our download page and follow the links to check the current prices.
Please note, that you need unlimited internet plan, otherwise your carrier will charge you for the extra data traffic.

How radioBee works? Who provides the content for these radio stations?
All radiostations which can be played by radioBee are operated indepently by their respective radio owners, under SHOUTcast TOS. If you have questions about a particular station, please contact it directly. You can look at radiobee as a portable radio unit, wrapped in your mobile phone :-).

Will radioBee work on my mobile phone?
In most cases - yes. The best way to know it is to download one of the free versions and to try it. Remember, you need a compatible phone and non-limited Internet data plan. Most of the devices can work over Wi-Fi connection as well.

How I can get the free demo version?
Start the mobile browser on your phone and go to

How I can get the free promo version?
Start the mobile browser on your phone and go to For promo version, you will need to enter a promo code, which is provided by the radiostations, listed as our parners. If you can not see your favorite radiostation in the list, call them and tell them that they can register as a partner for free. Then they can give you (and all other listeners) a free promo code for this station.

I was listening to a radio station yesterday, but it's not working today - please fix it ASAP!
radioBee is just a radio app. If your station doesn't work today, there are problems with this station. Call them and ask them what's going on.

I have a demo (or promo) version already. How I can get a registration code? How I can upgrade to the full version?
Please go to our Download section, and proceed with paypal payment. You will receive instructions by e-mail up to few minutes. If you don't have them up to 30 minutes after the payment, please contact us.

I want radioBee only if you have my favorite radio. Do you have it?
We hope you understand that we can't have resources to search instead of you manually in these 85k+ stations... especially when we provide a search option inside the radioBee app :-). So, the best way to know if your radio is presented, is to get the demo or promo version and search for it. Alternativelly, you can contact your radio and ask if they can provide a promo code for radioBee. Again, this is free for them and free for you.

I run a radiostation. Please, add my station in your database and give me a free promo code for my listeners!
Sure! You just need have to register as a partner on our web site. There is no charge.

I run a radiostation. Your free partner program is OK, but I need a customized mobile version/white label box for my radio.
We can help you. Please contact us for details.

Can I add manually a station by URL?
Yes you can,if it broadcasts in mp3 format, using Shoutcast or Icecast. You will need the broadcasting url (This is NOT the web site address). OMG, what is streaming url? :-) - Call and ask your radio, if you don't know it

Can use Bluetooth to stream radioBee rarios to my headset, my car audio or home audio?
Yes, for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone versions. Please note, your audio device must be A2DP compatible.

I have a question about radioBee
Please go to our facebook page and post your question there or email to

Some times I can connect to my favorite radio stations, but some time I can not! Why? Fix it right now!
To play a station, you need few things. You need a good celullar connection, your local carrier router should provide a connectivity to the selected station, your station must be live at the same time, and the number of the connected listeners must be below the max users cap. (This cap is set by the radio station and is different for different streams).
If any of these conditions are not right at the moment, you will be not able to connect and listen to your station. Usually if you wait a little bit (and sometimes change your location), you will be fine.

I have a full version, but I need to change my phone.
Please note, that the current license for the full version is paired to your device and is not transferable.

I forgot my code, please send it to me!
Use the web form on our to and our system will resend you the code.

How can I delete radioBee?
In general, from Applications -> Delete. Check your phone manual if you can not find it.

I downloaded radioBee and it doesn't work and I am very disappointed!
It really hurts if we get a message like that (likely, very rarely), but if you don't tell us what doesn't work, how we suppose to help you? :-). Please read FAQs first, check the video, and tell us what is wrong (if any). Not finding your radio from the search is not good, but in this case probably they just don't transmit online in Shoutcast format. Call them and ask them why not! Seriously! :-)

I see an error message when I try to register my version!
Please contact support AT and send us the exact message (with the number at the end)

Do you collect some user data?
Yes, we do because radioBee shows ad content. If you don't like it, please don't use it. Please read terms and conditions

I like radioBee. Can I support it?
Yes. You can send your idea, CV, or donation to; or contribute to our Facebook page

Android specific :

How I can stop the radio?
Please use the "stop" button. Please note, that if you exit the app, it will still play your station in background mode, unless you specifically stop the radio, or if you receive an income phone call. (The second one can be tuned in the settings)

Will it work on tablets?

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I heard there is a streaming problem with EVO. Will this affect radioBee?
Unfortunately, it seems there is a problem with the Sprint update from the beginning of this year, which broke most of the music streaming applications. Sprint is preparing new update and it can be available any moment. In the same time, they can push a fix for your phone. Please, follow their thread :

I can only see 'Can not connect at the moment, please try again'?
Some other Android models are affected from one of the updates as well (check the note above). Look for the latest OS update from your carrier, or contact us.

BlackBerry and Windows Mobile Specific :

I see a communication error (or check your APN) when I try to register (or search)
Unfortunately, most of the current devices are sold without proper APN settings. You may be able to browse with your browser, but your smartphone still may need a proper values for the APN settings.
APN Settings are Carrier and data plan specific, you need to contact your carrier support and ask for it. IMPORTANT : When you change it and save it, they are not working yet. You MUST restart the device (PULL THE BATTERY OUT for about 15 sec) and they try again Checkout this link :

If you are using Wi-Fi connection, you must select this one in radioBee menu -> Setup

I see a media error on most of mine stations
1) Check your APN settings first (see above)
2) Go to radioBee menu -> Setup and check the connection. In most cases, it should be DIRECT
3) Make sure you have the latest version
4) You may use an incorrect or invalid url for listenening. Contact us or your radiostation for udpate

On Storm, my keyboard is always ON and I can not see what I am entereing.
You need to disable the Storm compatibility mode. Check the this link :

Plain java phones (1.5x) :

I can play the station from the demo version, but can not register
Please, change the SOCKET option in radioBee menu -> setup and try again

Can I search by genres?
For this version search by genres is not recommended. Leave the genre selector on the default position (all) and just enter the search word(s)

Can I reinstall the app on my phone?
Java ME is the oldest mobile platform and has a lot of limitations. Your phone may be fully or partially compatible. Please, avoid to reinstall the app after the registration - your code may not work.

Some of these station make pauses from time to time
You will have difference experience on different phones. In general, try to increase the buffer size from your radioBee settings

I can not listen to some stations, it says no permission, null pointer, or security exception
Your phone is restricted, or you are trying to listen to a station, which is using port 80 (disabled for most regular phones). Upgrade to a smartphone, or ask your radio station for another streaming url with different port.

I can not register, it is giving me a communication error, security error, error 0 or error null
1) Please try to enable the "socket" option for radioBee settings and try again 2) You need to verify the "midlet http access point settings" with your carrier. Please keep in mind, that you still can browse with your phone, even if these are not correct (the browser has different settings). Call your carrier suppport. Your phone may be not compatible.

I can not register, it is just waiting with no response and nothing happens forever!
1) Please try to enable the "socket" option for radioBee settings and try again 2) You need to verify the "midlet http access point settings" with your carrier. Please keep in mind, that you still can browse with your phone, even if these are not correct (the browser has different settings). Call your carrier suppport. Your phone may be not compatible.

What is the Setup section in the menu?
In version 1.6 and above you just have to use your connection type
In older version(1.5x) there are three values :
Make "Buffer size" larger (depends on your phone) - 200000, 300000, 400000,...
make "must full-in size" half of the "buffer size", i.e. if buffer size=300000, full-in size=150000
Uncheck "Single Player", but if you don't hear any sound or there are strange audio effects,
then check it and try to play again, and compare the audio quality

I can browse with my phone, but there is no connection with radioBee?
Most phones has THREE DIFFERENT settings
(1) http / wap / APN settings for your installed browser
(2) separate settings (http, wap, APN, ...) for your java applications
(3) separate settings again for your streaming
If you have WiFi capability, these are separate settings as well.
All of them can must be set properly in order to use radioBee
You need to contact your carrier to obtain the proper settings

Why it is saying "application not authorized to access restricted API?"
That means your carrier does not allow you to install third-party applications on your cell pnone. There is nothing you/we can do. Change your phone.

Why it is saying "can not create player?"
That means your phone does not allow to java programs to use and play mp3 audio.

It plays the station for about 15 seconds, but then stops. Why?"
Change the option "Single Player" in radiobee menu - Setup


Can I donwload this version?
Yes, the initial version of radioBee for iPhone/iPad (1.9) has been released at August 12, 2011. Check Apple App store / iTunes for the latest update. Please, send us your suggestions.

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